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Star Center for Global Ministries


Discipleship HUB

The Discipleship Hub from the Star Center of Global Ministries is designed to support the Star global community.  The core of the hub is the open source software Similar to a commercial CRM system the software is custom designed to support church planting and movements. The entire system is designed to multiply workers in the harvest and the seeds being sown. However, the Hub is much more than software. 

Star University Hub provides: 

  •  Access to training videos, in native languages

  •  Private sessions with a professor and trainer (expert)

  • Hosting and Administration

  • Customization of platform in native language 

  • Integration of social media sites (if required)

  • Weekly tips and updates in native language (French, English, Swahili,)


As part of our Center for Global Ministries, Star University is offering FREE video courses on how to use 

Disciple.Tools is designed by disciple-makers for disciple-makers and was created to improve the quality of evangelism follow-up. It is a key component of our Center for Christian Ministries program. Contact us to learn more about the software and how we can help you get on board!

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