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Online with instructor assistance

The DT program is designed to introduce ministries to the principles and practices of effective discipleship and ministry management using the Disciple.Tools software platform. The course will focus on the key features of Disciple.Tools, including database management, communication tools, and reporting capabilities, and how they can be leveraged to support effective ministry outcomes.

Throughout the course, participants will explore best practices in ministry management, including setting and tracking goals, measuring progress, and developing effective communication strategies. They will also learn how to use Disciple.Tools to manage and track ministry outcomes, including spiritual growth, leadership development, and community engagement.



Image by Clark Tibbs


A Disciple.Tools incubator program provides an excellent opportunity for ministries to learn and implement effective ministry management practices using the Disciple.Tools software platform. By partnering with Star University, ministries can benefit from the teaching skills and expertise of experienced ministry leaders, who can provide guidance and support in utilizing the platform to achieve ministry goals and outcomes.

Additionally, the incubator program provides access to the Disciple.Tools software, which is hosted by Star University, eliminating the need for ministries to invest in their own infrastructure. Through this program, ministries can gain valuable knowledge and skills in effective discipleship and ministry management, while also utilizing a powerful tool to support their work.

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