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In order to reach out to today’s parishioner, disciples, and seekers. Church leaders must understand how to utilize social media and technology. The Digital Media for Christian Ministers program helps church leaders in this smartphone-dominated digital age get an understanding of how digital and social media works and how it can be used to reach, connect, and minister effectively. The Digital Media Certificate program for Christian leaders helps to develop the basic skills crucial to reaching out during a global pandemic by enhancing their ability to use online tools for digital storytelling, discipling and ministry. 

The program utilizes a virtual classroom and will be led by staff that are experts in digital media, digital church programming, and online discipleship.

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What you will learn

What is Digital Storytelling?

The Script Writing Process

Editing Process

Shooting Techniques

Video Production with Adobe Spark

Video Distribution and Promotion

Production Skills Certificate

Using Digital and social media in ministry

Vision for media and disciple-making

what is disciple-making

Belief Disruption

Cognitive opening

Spiritual Seeking Part 1 – What Is Happening in the Funnel while People Are Seeking?

Multiplication DNA. Begin with the End in Mind

Basics for Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

Core Competencies for Digital First Responders

Filtering Respondents: Who Is A Seeker? Who Is A Time Waster?

Filtering Respondents: Get Responders on a Spiritual Journey

Filtering Respondents: Building Rapport

Coming to Jesus as a group

Setting Up Channels and Start Developing

Inbound Marketing

Content Development Strategies

Crisis Communication in Social Media

Participatory Friend & Crowd-Sourcing

Social Media Content Strategies & Development

Integration of Multimedia and Social Media

Social Media Portfolio

Driving Traffic to Your Website and Social Media Sites

Audience Engagement and Interaction

Social Metrics and Analytics

Integration of Multimedia and Social Media

YouTube Channels and Analytics

Publications Techniques Distribution Tech

One-on-One Final Project Consultations

Search Engine Optimization

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