Cherokee Government & Society Course

Community is an essential part of Cherokee culture and understanding Government, language, and society helps build a stronger Cherokee Nation.

On January 26, 2022, we will host our first 9-week course, ‘Cherokee Government and Society,’ course taught but Dr. Julia Coates, Cherokee Nation Tribal Council member.

The course will be made available for only $50 and will cover topics such as:

  • Language, Values, and Worldview:

  • Identity and Nationality in the Interpretation of Cherokee History

  • Geography, Place, and Environment as Contributors to Cherokee Identity:

  • Historical and Contemporary Cherokee Identity Construction

  • Cherokee Culture: Beyond Artifacts and Performances:

  • ​Historic and Contemporary Cherokee Communities:

  • ​Historic and Contemporary Cherokee Social Institutions:

  • Forms and Principles of Cherokee Government:

  • Cherokee Heritage and Citizenship:

The course is accredited and is offered as a community (audit) or for credit and is led by academics. The course can be transferred to other academic institutions. For more information about the course, visit or

*If the course is taken for credit, additional fees and academic work will apply.

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