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The mission of Star University is to bring quality, online higher education degree programs to under-served individuals in countries around the world giving them the education necessary to live fulfilling lives.

Star U’s mission is so important because the cost of higher education makes the dream of earning a degree unobtainable for most individuals in the world. Government-backed student loans and grants simply do not exist in most under-developed countries. At Star we look to alleviate the burden of student debt through scholarships and other donor-funded programs. 

Needs Based Scholarships

Star U offers a variety of different need-based scholarships tied to specific geographical locations and economic conditions.  Over 90% of Star students come from a background of financial hardship. Your gift supporting these need-based scholarships provides financial assistance to help the most qualified and highest achieving individuals to learn in the online, global campus of Star University. Your gift will create life-changing opportunities for students around the world.

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In 2021, educating students in Nigeria, and Kenya.  Africa will be the main focus for Star University. Star U will have a limited number of scholarships available for students from these African countries who have no other means of financing their studies. Although Star University’s tuition cost is among the lowest at $150 per credit hour, this rate is still beyond the ability of most students in under-developed countries. The BEST program (Bold Educational Successes Together) allows donors to give on a more personal level.   There are three levels of scholarship support needed for students in West and Central Africa. 

Course by Course

One of the easiest ways to support on or multiple students on a personal level is to  help support a single class.Donors can support single students or multiple students with a $420 gift per student. 


A scholarship gift of $420 provides the financial help a student needs to  enroll in one course.

Semester Scholarship

A scholarship gift of $1,680 enables a student to pay the rest of the tuition/fee costs for an entire semester of coursework.


This gives donors and students the opportunity to get to know each other and give students the strong financial support they need to start the college journey. 

Annual  Scholarship

A scholarship gift of $3,360 covers the remaining balance of tuition/fees for a student for an entire academic year.


This year long partnership gives students the financial security they need to fulfill their educational dreams.