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Tribal Relations

Tribal Relations

Tribal governments hold a unique status within the context of the United States, yet one that is poorly understood by most Americans, and even by tribal citizens themselves. In Star University’s 44-week Tribal Relations Certificate Program, students will gain familiarity with the aspects of tribal government that most impact Indian nations and peoples within the US. Students will be introduced to tribal life and values, get an overview of the federal-tribal and state-tribal relationships, understand the baseline for tribal law and policy, consider principles of tribal economic and community development, and examine tribal expansion under self-determination policies.


This certification is recommended to American Indian Studies students, interested community members, tribal employees, and federal and state employees who work in tribal contexts.


First Nine Weeks

History from Tribal Perspectives

Racial and Ethnic Identity Labels

Overview of Native education-Common core from Native Perspective

How do Native American communities define leadership


Tribal Sovereignty


Tribal Lands & Rights

American Indian Vs Native American legal

Second Nine Weeks

State Recognized vs Federal

Problem with “fake” tribes

Foundation of Indian Law

Foundation of Indian Policy

Overview of Tribal Treaties

Tribes and the EPA

EPA Indian Policy

Tribal Priorities

Tribal Policy Interests

Third Nine Weeks

Native communities (non-government)

Native Nonprofits

Tribal Government

Tribal Governance

Tribal Policy process

Tribal Capacity Building

Tribal Community Development

Perspective on Data sharing

Fourth Nine Weeks

Self determination and healthcare

Ethics tribal perspective

Art and Culture Act

Tribal Perspective Water Rights

Disparities in Water Quality

Economic reality

Endangered Languages and Immersion programs


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