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Frequently asked questions

Does Star University offer scholarships?

Absolutely! Many of our scholarshps are regional and will vary from campus to campus. Please contact us at if you are interested in a scholarship

What is the difference between a virtual and hybrid classroom

Star Uiversity uses both virtual and hybrid classrooms. Many of our classes have a face to face component as well as an online component. All of our classrooms use live instructors. . To learn more go to

Where are you accedidited or liscensed?

Star University is a virtual global university. Our liscensing and accedidation is combined with partner universities and accediting agencies around the globe. The Digital Media and Social Media Marketing certificates are liscensed by OBPVS in the United States. In Europe we are accredited through WiSTE University.

Do you train nonprofit or small businesses?

Yes! We provide corporate training that is customized to fit your needs. Training can be online or face to face.

Specializing in Virtual classrooms, utilizing online education as well as learning centers. Contact us to see what plan works best for you. 

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Star University United States

T: (539) 302-7508


302 E. Reconciliation Way

Tulsa Oklahoma  74120 USA

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