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Centers for Word Missions

Post Secondary Certificate programs

All of our certificate programs are licensed in the United States by OBPVS (Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools)

In demand are individuals with the skills and experience in the full digital media mix, and a solid understanding of how digital media impacts the bottom line. Our professional program provides you with hands-on learning in a virtual classroom that accommodates the schedule of busy professionals.


Digital Media Certificate

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Social Media Marketing

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Tribal Relations

Christian Ministry

What We Offer

Global Faculty

All of our courses are taught by experts who are committed to helping you succeed, both in your classes and in your career. We offer a diverse academic environment with faculty coming from around the world.

Real-World Education

Develop skills and knowledge that you would normally attain outside of a traditional classroom setting.

21st Century Job Skills

Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity are skills that have been identified as the most important skill set of the 21st century


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