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Licensed by the OBPVS in the United States.

Social Media Marketing


Starts Auguts 16, 2021

Licensed by the OBPVS in the United States. This 9-month program focuses on the tools needed to plan, execute, and assess a comprehensive social media campaign. The course is hands-on and will help you create an effective social media voice for your organization, small business or community. You will learn the fundamentals of social media communications and practical ways of using it to grow your business

  •  how to set your social media goals 

  •  how to package your  content ;video, audio and more.

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Cheorkee Governement & Society


Starts August 16, 2021

As the largest Indian nation in the country, the Cherokee Nation has a workforce of thousands, and its
population numbers in the hundreds of thousands. In Star University’s Cherokee Government and Society Certificate Program, participants from many diverse sectors of the Cherokee Nation government, businesses, and communities, as well as other interested parties,have an opportunity to engage in an interactive online session with people and ideas that they might
otherwise never encounter in the broader Cherokee society. Participants will consider and apply critical
thought to topics such as history, environment, politics, government, economic and community
development, gender, identity, culture, and contemporary issues affecting the tribal nation. Guest
presenters will include Cherokee governmental officials, scholars, and community leaders. 

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Digital Media


Starts August 16, 2021

Licensed by the OBPVS in the United States. ​Developed by experts, the certificate program is focused on topics such as filmmaking, production, marketing, technology, social media and more.

You will learn in an interactive, small cohort format to gain career-ready skills they can immediately apply in the workforce.

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Tribal Relations


Starts August 16, 2021

Tribal governments hold a unique status within the context of the United States, yet one that is poorly understood by most Americans, and even by tribal citizens themselves. In Star University’s 44-week Tribal Relations Certificate Program, students will gain familiarity with the aspects of tribal government that most impact Indian nations and peoples within the US. Students will be introduced to tribal life and values, get an overview of the federal-tribal and state-tribal relationships, understand the baseline for tribal law and policy, consider principles of tribal economic and community development, and examine tribal expansion under self-determination policies. This certification is recommended to American Indian Studies students, interested community members, tribal employees, and federal and state employees who work in tribal contexts.

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Christian Ministry


Starts August 16, 2021

You will learn the fundamentals of social media communications and practical ways of using it to grow your ministry.

Ideal for ministries that want to know how to design content video, audio, and written content for social media. 

Participants will learn how to create social media campaigns,  social media calendars, and how to measure KPIs as well as current trends in social media.